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Hillsound Music School

Pursue Your Dreams

Who we Are

Hillsound Music was founded in 2007 primarily as a musical instrument repair centre. Very quickly though we realised that there was a need for a retail outlet but also a tuition facility that offered professional teaching for not only those who wanted to begin their musical journey but for others who wanted to take their skills to the next level and beyond.  Hillsound retail opened its doors in July 2009 with our first 3 room tuition facility following soon after in July 2012. Since those humble beginnings we have now expanded to 2 facilities offering 8 purpose built tuition rooms attended by hundreds of satisfied students.

What we Teach

Whether you are learning for your own enjoyment or are aiming towards music grade exams our teachers taylor your lesson plan to suit your goals and aspirations. One to one lessons mean that our teachers can give undivided attention to your progress and better help you to take your playing to the next level and beyond.

Other Services we Offer

Looking to cover every eventuality we offer a range of services for musicians

Bass Guitar

Get in Touch

Exam  Grades or Just for Fun

Why not get in touch today and arrange a trial lesson with us. Our details are on the contact page - drop us a line stating what you'd like to learn and one of our teachers will get back to you shortly to discuss availability and what you'd most like to gain from your tuition. 

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