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About Us

Hillsound is a multi-specialist, holistic music centre based in Southwest London. (haha, yes, I know that sounds a bit pretencious but to be fair that really pretty much describes what we are.) Under the Hillsound banner we cover most bases so should be able to help you whatever service you are looking for - and if we can't we will most likely know a man or woman that can.

The birth of the business was way back in 1990 as an instrument repair workshop in a shed at the back of my house - on moving to London became a high street business in 2007 - a full on multi-specialist retail outlet in 2009 and the music school following in 2012. Our staff and teachers here are all long term, seasoned and experienced musicians - 

Need an Instrument?  Need a repair? Need music tuition?

Guitar Lessons
Guitar Lesson
Music Class
Music Class
Piano Close-up
Flute Player in Orchestra
Disassembled Clarinet
Sheet Music
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